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Yiology Seminar in Hebei University of Science and Technology

9th May 2011

Yiology Seminar in Hebei University of Science and Technology

9th of May 2011, Dr Kaiwan Gan was invited by Hebei University of Science and technology to present the seminar Discussing on Yi-jing and Science. Professor Qiu, the chairman of academic board, hebei university of science and technology hosted the seminar for Dr Gan. About 300 students and scholars in this university have attended the lecture and interested in this topics. During one hour seminar, Dr Gan has explained the origins of the yi-jing in China, the functions of yi-jing and related properties. Especially, Dr Gan summarized the yi-jing into the five theoretic systems that ancient Chinese cultural and civilizations derived from, and briefly descripted the relationship amount those yi-jing systems. After seminar, the audients have raised very interested questions and suggestions that Dr Gan was appreciated and trying to answer. The seminar has been widely welcome.

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What is Yi-jing?

The Yi Jing or I Ching is known in English as the "Book of Changes". It has been used in China and the East for well on three thousand years both as a divination tool and as a philosophical text for seekers of wisdom.

The Yi Jing or Book of Changes comprises sixty-four figures known in English as "hexagrams". Each of these hexagrams has a name in Chinese, for example JIA REN, FENG or JUE. Each of these 64 hexagrams is said to represent a particular life situation or phase, and the full sixty-four are held to stand for all the possible situations in life.

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