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The concept of scientific development ---- Hu Jintao's speech in Yale University in 2006

21st April 2006

This concept of scientific development is based on the experience China has gained in its modernization drive and put forth in response to the trends of the times. It is also rooted in the cultural heritages of the Chinese nation.

The Chinese civilization is one that has continued uninterrupted for more than 5,000 years. The distinct cultural tradition of the Chinese nation that developed in the long course of history has exerted a strong influence on contemporary China, just as it did on ancient China. Putting people first, keeping pace with the times, maintaining social harmony and pursuing peaceful development: these values that are being pursued in China today are derived from its tradition. But they also give expression to the progress of the times.

President Jintao HU

People's Republic of China

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What is Yi-jing?

The Yi Jing or I Ching is known in English as the "Book of Changes". It has been used in China and the East for well on three thousand years both as a divination tool and as a philosophical text for seekers of wisdom.

The Yi Jing or Book of Changes comprises sixty-four figures known in English as "hexagrams". Each of these hexagrams has a name in Chinese, for example JIA REN, FENG or JUE. Each of these 64 hexagrams is said to represent a particular life situation or phase, and the full sixty-four are held to stand for all the possible situations in life.

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