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Congratulations on Yi-jing International Association Nanning 2008 Opening Forum

28th August 2008

Dear President Guangbi Dong and Yi-jing International Association fellows:

I am really glad to hear that Yi-jing International Association (YIIA) is holding 2008 Opening Forum in Nanning. As a member of YIIA, I am representing New Zealand Institute of Yiology warmly congratulated Nanning’s 2008 Opening Forum and wish it has a great success!

Yi-jing is old but wise, simple but complicated. It is the essence of humanity, the source of culture. Yi-jing is originally from China but belong to the world. Although Yi-jing is an ancient wisdom but it can light human’s future. No matter how modern the society develops, it always can get wisdom from Yi-jing. Yi-jing’s combination with technology is the harmony of “Dao” and “Qi”. It is the Yi-jing’s future and the return of modern technology.

New Zealand Institute of Yiology wishes to hold Yi-jing opening forum in Christchurch on April, 2009. The main theme of the forum is Yi-jing and science. To take this opportunity, we sincerely invite all Yi-jing experts and scholars come to New Zealand to participate this 2009 Opening Forum. At the same time, investigate New Zealand's unrivaled natural beauty and cultural customs. I believe explore New Zealand will trigger your interest and novelty, allow you to feel more about the nature and essence of man.

The confluence of trade and culture make this world more collision and blending. Advantages and disadvantages of the culture show the rise and fall of the national spirit. It is our responsibility to promote and spread Chinese culture. As a result, worldwide culture promotion and Yi-jing research are on our shoulders. It is a conscious action for every overseas Chinese to spread the essence of Chinese culture and the value of tradition Chinese culture. This is the intrinsic motivation for us to make everyone know what are Yi-jing and its true value. To better develop Yi-jing, we are not only to inherit the excellent of transition Chinese classical philosophy, but also consider the development of modern society. Therefore, we must constantly strive to promote Chinese culture to achieve our historical responsibility and social responsibility.

Dr. Kaiwan GAN

New Zealand Institute of Yiology Ltd

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What is Yi-jing?

The Yi Jing or I Ching is known in English as the "Book of Changes". It has been used in China and the East for well on three thousand years both as a divination tool and as a philosophical text for seekers of wisdom.

The Yi Jing or Book of Changes comprises sixty-four figures known in English as "hexagrams". Each of these hexagrams has a name in Chinese, for example JIA REN, FENG or JUE. Each of these 64 hexagrams is said to represent a particular life situation or phase, and the full sixty-four are held to stand for all the possible situations in life.

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